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(Alright, introducing the new characters right now. And guess what: TRIPLETS!)
Name: Michael, Ewan, and Annabelle Renard
Looks: All have dark brunette hair with hazel eyes, Michael and Ewan's hair cut short, but not buzzed, and Annabelle's long and straight. The boys wear regular jeans and a camp t-shirt(Michael's Grey and Ewan's Brown), and she wears black skinny jeans and a camp t-shirt, She wears navy flip flops, and the boys wear different chuck taylors.
Personalities: Michael is charismatic and friendly, Ewan is much more sensitive yet very sarcastic and a but narcisistic, and Annabelle and kind of a bitch, but is nice at heart.
Powers: Michael's is mind reading, Ewan's is levitation, and Annabelle's is clairvoyance.
Notes: Triplets, but not identical.

"Oh I never make a promise I can't keep." Said a male voice behind them, "Especially when it results in killing." It was a generally plain looking boy, standing in between another boy and a girl.
"Oh snap." Lixa said, "Are you who's responsible for this, cause if so I'll kick your ass."
"Lixa!" Cecilia said, "don't jump to conclusions! They look our age. Now, did you just show up or what?"
"Actually, yeah." Said the other boy, "I'm Michael. These are my brother and sister, Ewan and Annabelle."
"Nice to meet you, and see we have more people to help us."
"Help you?"
"Come to the main lodge. Lixa, Milo, and I will explain everything."
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