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"Woah," Ewan said, "This is gonna be AWESOME! Let's go save him!"
"Uhh, don't you think we should wait for an adult?" Annabelle asked, "C'mon stupid, get a brainl."
"The only adult I've seen was this old guy, and I've been here the whole time." Cecilia said, "There was a note saying one of the councelers would be back soon, and to wait."
"Don't you think this might be a setup?" Mike asked
"Wait, explain?" Cee said
"Well, what if the councelers are off somewhere watching everything we do, and this is all an evaluation of how we react?"
"That seems logical, but it also MAKES NO SENSE" Ewan said,
"God, you don't have to yell!" Mike responded
"Wait, what if it's a different kind of setup. The criminals behind this are watching everything we do, and as soon as some of us leave camp, we're dead."
"Some of us leave...or stay." Milo said....
"Are you saying no matter what we do, we're not safe?" Lixa asked
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