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Mason leaned against his car, watching the kids enter the school building of Jonathan High. He sighed in his own boredom. Stake-outs weren't usually fun or exciting.

"What am I doing here? Do I even know for certain that this Millard kid would turn up after commiting a murder?"

He sipped from his Starbucks styrofoam cup as he he heard the school bell ringing. Perhaps it was a good idea to talk to the principal...

Mason dropped his coffee in the nearby bin and entered the school. He made his was through the crowded coridors of rebelious students to the principals office. He knocked on the door. "Enter..." said the man behind the door.

Mason opened the door and pulled out his wallet to show the balding-grey Principal his ID.

"I'm Phil Mason, I'm with the Private-Eye..." he introduced. "I'm trying to locate a student of yours; Kyle Millard?"

"Millard? I've heard the reports about him from last night... and you say you're looking for him?"

"Thats what I came to talk to you about. I thought you could tell me more about him so I could get some insight on where he could be..."

"Well, uh... pull up a seat then."

Mason sat on the chair that was sitting infront of the desk. Almost felt like his last time he was sent to the principals office... which was most of the time during his young years.

"Was Kyle happy here?" was the first thing Mason asked. The Principal scratched his head.

"Well... not really. He never exactly got into trouble most of the time, but there was something... resistant about him..."
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