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"OH geeze." Ewan said, ducking. Lixa let out a sneeze and a psi-blast, almost hitting a friendly squirell. "Way to go."
"Okay, shut it." Lixa shot back, "I can't control it!"
Ewan just stood up and looked at her, "You've got too much spunk, honey."
"Thanks." Lixa walked past and perpously stomped on his foot, "and don't call me honey."
"So how is your home life?" Michael asked Cecilia, who was sitting on the dock. Milo went to find a bathroom and a telephone, leaving the two alone.
"It's okay. I mean, everything is normal. I did just go through a bad breakup."
"Ouch," he said, "I went through one a few weeks ago. But that's what I have brothers and sisters for."
"They arn't your only siblings?"
"No, I've also got an older brother and an older sister."
"Wow." she shut her eyes as a breeze blew by. While she shut her eyes, she didn't notice Michael scoot an inch closer to her.
and neither of them noticed Milo standing on the stairs leading to the beach, glaring at them.
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