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Ryas Valrick a seventeen year old male currently a junior at Jonathan High School. At the age of 5 he lost his parents in a tragic car accident and has been living with his aunt and uncle ever since. As years passed he began to consider them his biological parents after losing memories of his real ones.

In the distant back ground Ryas could hear a soft female voice say "Ryas its time to get up or you'll be late"

He rolled over on his side away from the voice and mumbled something into his pillow not wanting to awaken from his half sleeping state. His body began to shack more as the female became more persistent that he awakes from his slumber and get ready for school.

"School!!!" he shouted as he shot up into a sitting position on his bed and quickly leaped out onto his floor to his dresser. Laughing his mother left his room so he could change. Quickly he changed and ran down the stairs, grabbing his bag on his way out the front door.

"Ryas what about breakfast?" shouted his mother.

"No time, cafeteria, eat there, Bye!" he shouted back as he raced towards his school in a hurry. On his rush to school, he hoped that it be a clear path.

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