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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired View Post
You call that crappy/ Think Chewie... crappy death wasted on someone that is also killed withing a couple of books...
Hm. You know, Chewie's death didn't really bother me.
I think it fit him that he died saving one of Han's kids, even in a rather non-glorious situation. And the fact that Anakin died later doesn't mean it was wasted. Anakin died helping the rest of the Jedi escape Myrkr. Plus, Chewie had been around for what, 350 years? There's tons of room for backstory. Mara, though- she died for absolutely nothing to a character who started doing irrational things because it fit the author's purpose- which, ironically, was to have him turn evil and then be killed. Talk about no thought in a plotline.

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