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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
(the Infernal Contract dream sequence was awesome)
While the dialogue for it was all very well-written (the PC's actually differs in style from the rest of the game if you look closely), it wasn't a terribly open-ended sequence. All you had to do was click through all the options (reading them wasn't necessary) and you'd come across the solution to Faras' dilemma.

Granted, as I said, the dialogue and premise of that side quest was all very well-done. It was just rather lacking in player choice, but thankfully there looks to be an emphasis on that here.

Originally Posted by The interview
we do have some major 4th Edition story tie-ins.
4th ed butchered all that was good about the Forgotten Realms when they destroyed everything east of the Sword Coast (who needs original settings like Thay and Rashemen when you can have an overused medieval sword-and-sorcery one?) so that doesn't sound good. Hmm, maybe they'll kill off Elminster or Drizzt...? I can dream, can't I? I'd so love to see them dead. Serves them right, intruding in BG2 like they did.

Originally Posted by The interview
We would love to create a 4th Edition D&D game
Go to hell. One of them anyways. >:|

Bah, I never wanted a NWN3 in the first place.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I

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