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Donna was finally at the Jonathan high school. She glanced down at her watch. It was only 7:35. "Thank goodness," she thought to herself. Suddenly, she heard a loud voice from behind. "Donna!" She looked back. It was her best friend, Keisha Meeks.

"Girl, where have you been?" Keisha asked, chewing on her bubble gum.

Donna smiled, as both girls went inside the school. "Aw, you know... trying to get my works done before school's out. The usual stuff."

Keisha grinned. "Yeah, I know what'cha mean. Hey, after school, wanna hit the arcade with the other kids? It's gonna be tight!"

"Well, I'll ask my mom first. But I'm pretty sure she'll say yes. After all... you are staying at my house."

"Like yeah, I am!" Keisha replied. They finally reached their lockers. Both Donna and Keisha placed their belongings in their own lockers. "Hey, I meant to tell ya somethin'. Did you hear about the News last night?"

It shocked Donna to hear about that. She sighed. "Yep."

Keisha closed her locker. "Girl, I'll talk to you about it afterwards. Gotta run. See ya!"

"See ya, Keisha." Donna sadly closed her locker, and began to walk away.
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