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Ryas finally made it to school with out any issues. Once he was inside, he slowed himself to a walk and was breathing heavily from all that running.

"Next time Ryas, wake up" he said to himself and laughed a little. He thought he was already late so he didn't bother to rush any more. He figured he's going to get into trouble anyways, might as well get close to the end of the class as possible.

"Hey" he said to himself as he walked threw the halls "that's a better idea. The art room should be empty by now, might as well head there"

With a grin on his face he changed his course from his locker to the Art Room. It was the one place he knew he could be alone. Basically he knew in the morning and after school he was the only one who used it, so he knew he'd run into no trouble.

Going straight passing by four classrooms, then taking a left, passing two more rooms then a right he finally stood in front of the door. His smile was big as he opened the door and walked in.

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