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Thumbs up OJP V1.3 Force Suggestion Thread


We have all used them. Recently, Darthdie has considerably improved the physics for the telekinesis-based powers. Grip has become the wrecking-ball power and pull is now more dangerous to the user than to the pulled.

There is room to improve however! We still have unused powers like Drain, Heal, Energize and Force Fap. I've made awesome progress with the effects and could whip up pretty much anything that we'd need in a short period of time. My summer vacation starts tomorrow, and I'm going to have a lot of free days that I'm willing to spend completely on improving OJP, as a thank you to the community. I'm sure the other guys wouldn't say no to new features either.

The point of this thread is to brainstorm new Force Power ideas or adjustments to existing Force powers. I want the help of every single one of you. I want you to put your minds into a collective hive and thinktank your way to better Force powers and I want you to do it RIGHT HERE IN DIS THRED LOL.

Let's start it off, and watch the format I use to describe the powers, try to use it:
-Force sense-
Level 3

Should allow a jedi to dodge sniper shots for less money.

Because it seems natural and it was possible in the SP game.

=Why not?=
Too much work for a feature that might not be used.
-Force Team Heal-
Level 1

Make a huge amount of glowy purplish-blue particles erupt around the player, using the player's FP to heal a part of his team's DP/HP in a radius around the player.

If we decide to make OJP more team-based in the future, and we make HP actually matter, this'll be a great addition.

=Why not?=
Cause it's a lame idea lol.

Your turn!

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