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"Trust me...that won't be necessary," said a bold voice from the doorway. A pair of dark blue, piercing eyes could be seen, dressed in familiar black robes with blood red designs and trim.

"Sure, kid, you can fight, you can prove that you can focus on the task at hand, and you can prove to me that you've at least mastered the skills and techniques I've taught you to survive, but you're still a foolish idiot," and with that, the man, obviously Strider, lifted his hand and the boy was hurled violently into the opposing wall.

"What are you talking about?" The boy grunted, wincing and standing to his feet. Strider crossed to the center of the room.

"Maybe Reibe beat some humility into you, I don't know, but for someone I invested the time I did teaching you everything I know, my last legacy, you have been surely disrespectful about how you handle it!" Strider shouted, thrusting another force wave at Eli.

Eli thrusted his own hand forward, emitting a counteracting Force wave. Suprisingly enough, it cancelled Strider's. Eli's blade was summoned from the floor to his grip, and the fight ensued. Eli's style against Strider was very different than how it was used against Reibe. It was very alive, very personable, however it seemed that Strider's challenging nature was what awakened the perfection that lay dormant in Eli. The fight was brief, however, lasting only a few minutes, when Strider finally disarmed Eli in what seemed a very simple, effortless manner, pushing his lightsaber down in a lock and kicking it from his hands and thrusting him back to the wall once again.

"You rely on inspiration and challenges to motivate yourself...That's wrong. Those inspirations will not be there forever. You need to become your own person, and stop relying on what you've been taught. You need to realize your own potential and act on it, not call upon it when forced to. Do I have to tell you everything?" Strider growled.

"With all do respect, Master," Eli scoffed, standing up. "I'm Nineteen. You're a whole five thousand years ahead of me or something like that."

"...You've got a lot of learning to do then," Strider said, glaring at him. "I suppose Reibe proved something today. You have a stronger handle on what you're doing. You know how to apply yourself, which I previously believed you could not. You're using the power i've given you for the wrong reasons. If you can open your eyes to that, then maybe i might be able to teach you something."

"Well then, teach me. After fighting Reibe...I think I can be more accepting of criticism," Eli offered, looking directly back at Strider.

Strider sighed and looked at Reibe. "There's one thing I hate about this kid..." he muttered. When she replied asking what, he shot an eye back at Eli and answered. "He reminds me too much of myself at his age..." and with that, he turned and walked out the door back into the Cantina, moving to his old table. Eli rose, and quietly left the dueling room after recovering his lightsaber.

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