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I think jumping and speed should have two specific branches. Say, speed also accounts for reaction, so say you have sense and sense both in 3, that'd automatically mean dodging sniper fire and such takes a lot less effort (reflexes, etc.)

By branches, I mean that speed should be handled like it is (remain like it is) but add a specific "dash" move. Something that makes you travel an X distance, VERY quickly, but has the side effect of leaving you a little open at the other end, or something like that.

Think of it like a quasi-teleport move, except for the fact it's not a teleport so objects in the way and etc would stop you (or knock you down!)

Jump is, well, a combination of levitation and actual force speed in some way. So, jumping can also have a JK-style mode where you just rocket upwards (and can hurt yourself if you don't use it right) and a mode where you have air control, etc.

So, my idea is, say, doubletap force for one (dash/super jumping) and otherwise it'd be the normal usage (hold for accel running or jumping with air control and acrobatics.)

Plus, it'd be really cool to be able to dash in the air too. But well, that's all I can think of right now that I'd love to see ingame. Well, force destruction (AKA: HADOKEN!) should be in there somewhere too, cuz it's just neat like that. But I can live without it. :x

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