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(Late to the party, as always)

Physical Discription: Short brown hair, with red highlights, 'bout 5 foot 7, Blaqk Audio tanktop, black jeans that be ripped at the knee, converse high tops, fingerless gloves, and nails the are always painted red.
Personaliy: Unlike her wardrobe, bright and happy! Very poetic at times, get bored easily.
Specialty Power: levitate, pyro-what-ya-call it, invisability,
Notes: brought her guitar,


RP Name: Hunter
Physical Discription: 'Bout 5 foot 10, has brown and blond dreadlocks that are in a ponytail, very tan, wears one of those little 'gangsta-gangsta' hats, wears a black baggy t-shirt, wears baggy black jeans, got some little vans, totally ripped from that guy from Tokio Hotel.
Personaliy: Quiet, smart, all that jazz
Specialty Power: Invisability, psi blasts, levitation
Notes: German, plays guitar, has a twin but I'm not gonna copyright that today. Xp
Ziggy walked into the main lodge, looking pleased. She sat her bags by the door, and walked to a table inhabited by kids.
"The name's Ziggy, who're you guys?" she asked brightly, holding out a hand.
At that moent, another boy walked in, looking quite dis-pleased.
"Oh gott, nicht schon wieder ein Camp," he muttered in his native language.

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