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hmm i believe the force powers in OJP should be force powers which are canon, and have references, then from that we can stem as much balancing as is required (even though logically force powers could beat everything LOL)

Force powers should remain what they are, Tanqexe suggested many times that he does not want Dark Rage or Protection force powers to be in. I after playing with them the 10th time see the novelty wear off. I think been faithful to starwars is important as well as been realistic and balanced. Infinite number of ways to use the force.

Have a good combination of these 3 criteria means that we can have a good mod. I been a large fan, supporter and contributer to it want only whats best.

Originally Posted by ZerooftheFour View Post

Could help some brainstorming.
oddly it says this

'Jedi mind trick', Affect Mind or Persuasion is a universal force power, not a light side power. oh noes. Peronally i think Universal force powers are in fact Light side powers. Concentration, suppressing emotion. While dark side is embracing anger, perhaps even controlling anger to use its destructive ends whenever its needed.

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