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"She looked into the future of the fight and there challenged me to do my worst," Jena answered calmly. "In that future, I met her challenge. She knows my strength. In light of that, you must see she'll be far more reluctant to challenge a stronger opponent. And as to the seriousness with which I looked upon this match, I took into account that the woman I fought today is no different than the woman I knew all those years ago. The Jabos Team has changed. Our leader has not. Because of this, I know that she doesn't take defeat easily. She has to be eased into it, which is the other reason I did not overwhelm her as you know I so easily could."

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Reibe watched the fight between Strider and Eli with a faint smile on her face. When Strider complained that Eli reminded him of himself at that age, she laughed and followed him out to his table.

"If that is the case, then you should know all the more how to better beat him into what you became, Brother," she told him. "You know what it took you, after all." She squeezed his shoulder as she sat down beside him. "I've missed you."

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