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Originally Posted by The Unbeholden View Post
hmm i believe the force powers in OJP should be force powers which are canon, and have references, then from that we can stem as much balancing as is required (even though logically force powers could beat everything LOL)
Well we certainly don't want to pull a Force Spawn-The-Rabbit-And-Fling-It-At-People-Like-It's-A-Javelin out of our collective asses, that goes without saying.

Originally Posted by Unbeholden
Force powers should remain what they are, Tanqexe suggested many times that he does not want Dark Rage or Protection force powers to be in. I after playing with them the 10th time see the novelty wear off. I think been faithful to starwars is important as well as been realistic and balanced. Infinite number of ways to use the force.
Er what? I never, ever said that. Max said that. I'm for keeping Rage and Protect in, they just need to be tweaked and expanded on instead of being their current one-hit solutions. Especially since some people love abusing Rage to gang up on people.

'Jedi mind trick', Affect Mind or Persuasion is a universal force power, not a light side power. oh noes. Peronally i think Universal force powers are in fact Light side powers. Concentration, suppressing emotion. While dark side is embracing anger, perhaps even controlling anger to use its destructive ends whenever its needed.
Dark Side powers require concentration too, it's not like someone enters emo mode and whoever is more emo is more powerful in the Dark Side.

Now for gameplay purposes, we will have to assign Light and Dark side powers a certain way. I guess in general, there needs to be a cost to having level 3 of any of these Light/Dark oriented powers, just as there are currently limits on guns vs Force. Or, alternatively (and more complicated), it may be possible to access both Light/Dark powers equally. However, certain powers cost extra FP to use depending on the amount of skill points invested in either Light or Dark powers overall - cheaper to use if completely invested in one side, more costly to access powers on the other side, and average cost if equal.

Absorb needs to be moved into the Neutral column, though. Plus I'm a proponent of chargeable TK powers.

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