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Although he seemed fine, there was something about the way he ruthlessly handled Eli, and even based on the features of his still-young face, there was something eating at Strider, something that was not quite right, though his attitude hid it well. He smiled back at Reibe, always fond of her company. "I've missed you too. I need to keep in better contact, or lord forbid you might assume I've died of old age," he said jokingly. He looked over at Eli, then at Reibe, and here she saw that perhaps something that was on his mind would come out.

"Who said I wanted to mold him like myself?" he asked, looking at her. He looked back at Eli, and said, speaking to the both of them, "I wanted to leave my legacy behind in someone, someone who was willing and focused enough to harness that kind of power. I am going to age for many many more millenia, but there will be a time where I get fed up with dealing with the galaxy's problems. Someone younger and more patient will have to observe what I observed for years." He paused and looked back at Reibe, making brief eye contact with her, "Our involvement is eternal, but for those times we do grow tired of being involved, we need others to fill our role. I don't want Eli to be me, despite how much he already is like me, but I want him to be his own person by applying what he learns from someone else's experiences into the ones he will face, not by trying to make himself into that person." He sighed, and a long sigh it was. Despite the fact he still looked no older than the age of twenty four, the several thousand of years had taken quite a toll on him, as it had on many of those who had been around as long as he.

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