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Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Er what? I never, ever said that. Max said that. I'm for keeping Rage and Protect in, they just need to be tweaked and expanded on instead of being their current one-hit solutions. Especially since some people love abusing Rage to gang up on people.
I would be more concerned about grip abuse on gunners. A skilled player can still beat rage, you can always speed or run from it. Plus Rage takes 50 force, so if they use it more then once they are pretty much screwed. And you have a speed debuff for a long time. Not to mention that Saber Locks break rage. I think thats a bug...

However pull and grip is impossible for a gunner to run and get distance, I was pulled 7 times in air and a Jedi still had enough force to grip me. And I had a full tank of fuel. I think Grip needs to be looked into. To me it feels really overpowered when I play gunner.
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