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Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Well we certainly don't want to pull a Force Spawn-The-Rabbit-And-Fling-It-At-People-Like-It's-A-Javelin out of our collective asses, that goes without saying.
No shhit.

Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Dark Side powers require concentration too, it's not like someone enters emo mode and whoever is more emo is more powerful in the Dark Side.
I never said it didn't.

Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Now for gameplay purposes, we will have to assign Light and Dark side powers a certain way. I guess in general, there needs to be a cost to having level 3 of any of these Light/Dark oriented powers, just as there are currently limits on guns vs Force. Or, alternatively (and more complicated), it may be possible to access both Light/Dark powers equally. However, certain powers cost extra FP to use depending on the amount of skill points invested in either Light or Dark powers overall - cheaper to use if completely invested in one side, more costly to access powers on the other side, and average cost if equal.

Absorb needs to be moved into the Neutral column, though. Plus I'm a proponent of chargeable TK powers.
Indeed, limitations on everything, limitation is what makes players happy (sarcasm)

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