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Originally Posted by ZerooftheFour

I would be more concerned about grip abuse on gunners. A skilled player can still beat rage, you can always speed or run from it. Plus Rage takes 50 force, so if they use it more then once they are pretty much screwed. And you have a speed debuff for a long time. Not to mention that Saber Locks break rage. I think thats a bug...

However pull and grip is impossible for a gunner to run and get distance, I was pulled 7 times in air and a Jedi still had enough force to grip me. And I had a full tank of fuel. I think Grip needs to be looked into. To me it feels really overpowered when I play gunner.
I think the problem is that the kick from rapid fire of heavy weapons is preventing the heavy weapons from being as lethal as they should be. The extra damage inflicted on running saberists should be helping with equalizing the risks for Jedi vs gunner, it's just that gunners with heavy weapons are so easy to push when they go full bore. Full force vulnerability should apply for more long range or high-yield weapons like the disruptor and rocket launcher, but not as much for like the T-21 and Clone Rifle. The benefit of those two weapons should be their high ROF (or in the case of the T-21, if it becomes more shotgun-like, the damage spread), so the high rate of incurring mishap is kinda nerfing their efficacy, especially in games where players have at least 90+ skill points.

The fact that you can cancel grip if you shoot whoever's gripping you should help - I haven't checked, but using a flamethrower can be another way of preventing grip. Ideally a close-range weapon with a wide spread would help against someone being gripped, which is why I've been continually advocating for having the T21 primary fire like a shotgun spread.

Yeah, the saberlocks unintentionally cancel Rage and Protect. It's a nice counter to Rage (when the server actually allows saberlocks *ahem TNT clan server*), but the canceling of Protect I'm not too keen on.

Rage and Protect need a little tweaking, they're still too much like the baseJA powers. But once they're balanced out and have more depth they should be well-integrated additions to a saberist's repertoire.

Originally Posted by The Unbeholden View Post
No shhit.
I was being nice about your penchant for overstating the obvious. Don't be an ass.

Originally Posted by The Unbeholden
I never said it didn't.
Misread. Your diction wasn't very clear. I think what you were intending to say was that use of Light Side powers were more meditative, not suppressive of emotions but finding inner peace, while Dark Side powers were more like capitalizing on one's emotional lack of equilibrium.

Originally Posted by The Unbeholden
Indeed, limitations on everything, limitation is what makes players happy (sarcasm)
Yeah, like it makes so much sense to master both Light and Dark Side powers when the fundamental basis for channeling them are so opposite of each other. And it makes so much sense gameplay-wise to be be all "I AM OVER 9000!!!11" with level 3 everything so you're some ubergod who's really just compensating for something, eliminating the careful calculations one has to make to beat other people. If we're going to focus more on tactical gameplay, the latter is the more sensible approach. The Ubergod complex is for prepubescents.

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