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"what the hell was that"lixa jumped as she heard shouting.
"hey there is some old guy over there,' Annabelle pointed in the general direction of where the shout came from. so they decided to appoarch the man with cation.
"old man what are you doing here?"Ewan asked as he was about to stand by him before the man shouted."GAWD! STAND BACK I'M LOOKN' FOR MY CONTACT LENSE!"
"damn you are one grumpy old man." Annabelle said as she watch him rake the same spot over and over. "so ummm do you know what's going on?" lixa asked as she looked around to make sure it was still safe. "well i havent seen anything due to my CONTACT ON THE GROUND KID!" the man yelled as he continued to search the ground.
"well fine then, we will just leave you alone then." Ewan said as he turned around and started to head off. "WAIT, YOU KIDS NEED THE LIST!" "what list old man", Annabelle asked. "the one for the scavenger hunt ofcourse, find all the things on the list and you get some goodies." he said as he handed each one a list. "NOW GET...damn kids" he muttered as they left him to search for some more clues. "hey wasnt he the same guy who was the cook?" Ewan asked. "well no duh idoit" Annabelle said as she punched him in the arm. "i am not an idoit"

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