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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
so that test is pretty pointless if you ask me
pointless is correct if you want to base your argument on quoting Max fps numbers

Here are some other points people always seem to forget... always, always

1. Most people monitors operate between 70-80Hz
2. Most peoples eyes work best at a flicker rate matching 60Hz

longstoryshort = AVERAGE fps = 60 will look smooth n silky to our mere human eyes..

so in the case of the COD4 at 1600x1200 (and below), where most people still game at, the card offers no huge gains over the older 8800GT.

It really does come down to what is cheaper

My only concern is that AMD should have released this card 6mo ago, if they want to be in any way near to being competitive. All they seem to be good at is keeping prices down on their competitors mid end. Can you imagine what a 8800GT would cost now if the 4850 came out at the same time?

The days of the epic high end struggles between these two manufacturers seem to be over( the x1900 vc 7900 etc )...

this is what we should be upset about !! Right now, nvidia have a license to print money in the high end gamer seems AMD arent fussed ??


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