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Ryas casually walked over to something that was covered in a long white cloth. "And now" he said "It's time to reveal my master piece"

He placed his hand upon the cloth and with one quick pull he ripped it off the canvas and tossed it into the air. Slowly, gracefully the cloth fell gently to the ground behind him, sending a cool breeze in its wake. Gently he was gliding his fingers over the art work.

Bending down he opened his bag and reached in. As he was searching threw his bag he continued to talk to himself more "It's a shame no one ever uses this room, but it's plus for me." he started laughing.

He pulled out a box of charcoal pencils, with assorted paints and paint brushes. He placed the box on the table next to him, opened it and picked up one of the charcoal pencils. He stood there for several moments looking at his sketch. The sketch wasn't much at the moment, but the outline was of a person, and he hoped when he had finished it will be has he remembered in his memory. The last thing of the person, in his memory.

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