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Force Scream doesn't sound childish. ~_~ there are many forms of combat nowadays where a certain yell or scream is used in different ways, for example to add power to your own thrust / slash, or to intimidate the opponent. (or both).

I would like Force Protect to also protect from a stickied Detpack.

I think if Force Lightning would be 360 degrees at lvl 3, The way it works should be elaborated upon.

For example: would you rather point a gun to your front, then have a magic bullet that splits up in 20 bullets that fly all around? Or point a gun upwards, and have them all spread equally? (Considering that according to teh crap lightning spreads from the fingertips, meaning if you stick your arms out to the front, the way it spreads with 360 degrees would be different than when you put them up in the air)

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