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Originally Posted by ZerooftheFour View Post
I am not to keen on Force Scream because it just doesnt seem... Well, I mean force scream is not a power you hear to much about and it seems kinda childish whiney... To me it just doesnt have a fitting feeling... I feel that destruction would be much better. The concept of Scream is nice, I just have a feeling that it may not be... pretty. But I am not 100% against it either.

Force stasis I am against fully because you can already be slowed by having low DP which lightning will do in time... And you already have Force Speed which can close the gaps. It doesn't add to the games overall fun factor if you get my drift when 2 other powers can be used to gain distance, especially speed. Not to mention Pull can also stall them.
Well in terms of effects Lightning already serves a decent purpose in terms of a Dark Side mid- to long-range DP drainer (without being super OP in a multiplayer scenario, not simply 1 v 1 duel), so having Force Destruction may seem either a bit superfluous or should have some serious drawbacks for something so ridiculously powerful. Scream was a pretty effective power from KotOR 2 that did physical damage and also lowered attributes - if translated into OJP it would be overkill, but the idea behind it could prove useful, especially against gunners who've been shooting full-bore at high mastery level. Against Force users it would be another way to drive up someone's mishap after being parried or dealt Makashi strikes several times, but it rewards someone who's good at parries who would be immune to such a power. I'm not really against Force Destruction as a Dark Side power, but it'd have to be balanced out with a counter on the Light Side as well (Stasis comes in handy here)

Stasis was meant to affect run speed as well as attacks. Speed has some limitations. A gunner can still use Jetpack to run away/hit the flamethrower, and a Force user can use Speed as well, do a ridiculously high Jump 1 or Push/Lightning, especially when they're almost dead. Stasis is another means of countering fast attacks from someone in Rage if you parry him 2-3 times in succession, as well as to counter someone who's already vulnerable to force but is retreating with Jump and/or Speed, as a more elegant alternative to Push/Pull, where you have to repeatedly use the power if the enemy isn't completely vulnerable to force. It would also be the equivalent of a cryo/adhesive grenade for gunners should something like that be implemented. I can see Stasis as being a bit more unfair for gunners, but if we either a) up the damage per shot on the heavy weapons only (or all weapons except pistol and bowcaster), or b) lower the mishap costs on the heavy weapons, then things may balance out.

Originally Posted by The Unbeholden
im not an ass... Your the ass.
Says someone who assumes we don't already know about or how to Wiki a list of Force powers, or hints at our making Force powers that are non-canon. Bit of an insult to intelligence. We're all Star Wars fans here.

many have mastered both light and dark. Such as Darth Traya for instance, learning to control your emotion, meditation techniques and unleashing your anger when its needed is possible. training both light and dark can be vigorous and time consuming, but some such have spent alot of time on it and succeeded surprisingly well.

Not to mention resisting the lure of the dark side without completely succumbing to its influence. Using its power none the less, very interesting i found it. I think that if lust for power isn't in your heart then i think it won't corrupt you. Darth Traya is evidence of that.

So its entirely possible in being powerful in both light and dark, if enough time is spent in learning both its mysteries.
Wiki up the Potentium heresy. I'm reluctant to bring up the NJO stuff because the writers have left a very bad taste in my mouth on how they handle the NJO characters, but there's a reason why Luke brought back the orthodox Dark/Light distinctions of the Force and got rid of the Potentium philosophy. Caedus being a big reason. Palpatine also used this idea to lure Anakin in Ep III. Besides, you're talking about the exception and not the norm. We want to simulate the norm in gameplay, not the exception - one reason why Sever Force would be a crap power in a game, as an example. Or multiple people who're as uber as to be in-game equivalents of Legacy era Luke Skywalker (even someone with 500 skill points to use won't even come close to a Luke).

Originally Posted by Alpha
Force Scream doesn't sound childish. ~_~ there are many forms of combat nowadays where a certain yell or scream is used in different ways, for example to add power to your own thrust / slash, or to intimidate the opponent. (or both).
Those're kiai...I know you're trying to make a point about efficacy. Force Scream did sonic damage and affected attributes in KotOR II, didn't have anything to do with bolstering lightsaber combat abilities, which is what I'm aiming more towards.

Originally Posted by Alpha

I would like Force Protect to also protect from a stickied Detpack.
Or at least reduce the damage, plus maybe prevent knockdown from explosions, limited to outside a certain radius of the explosion.

Originally Posted by Alpha
I think if Force Lightning would be 360 degrees at lvl 3, The way it works should be elaborated upon.

For example: would you rather point a gun to your front, then have a magic bullet that splits up in 20 bullets that fly all around? Or point a gun upwards, and have them all spread equally? (Considering that according to teh crap lightning spreads from the fingertips, meaning if you stick your arms out to the front, the way it spreads with 360 degrees would be different than when you put them up in the air)
That would depend on what would make a Level 3 power worth buying, I guess - offensive crowd control or suppressive crowd control (difference is in damage, duration, and whether the strikes are random (i.e. a bunch of random single strand lightnings within a radius, or a complete blanket of the lightning effect witin a certain radius). Having strikes at random would be too much of a hassle to code, probably.

I can see this working in three ways:

1)High damage, short burst within specified radius - drains lots of DP in that short burst, and at the fringe of the radius, pushback/knockdown a la grenade where people get thrown back. Cost is a significant set amount of FP. This is the offensive crowd control option. Visually it'll look like the AoE version of multiple bolts of the old Lightning 2 EFX to show the powerful short burst.

2)Draining damage (like current lvl 3), long duration burst. Pretty much AoE version of new lvl 2 lightning (old lvl 3). This is the suppressive crowd control option. Effect would be AoE version of old Lightning 3 EFX.

3)Combine the two. Default lvl 3 is option 2, holding a secondary bind gives you the short burst damage of option 1 (variation on Destroyer's suggestion).

Now, this would be a pretty powerful tool, and once you're stuck in there you're kind of helpless. Gunners can shoot, even when they're getting knocked down or pushed back; Force users can't really use their sabers at this point, so there will have to be a counter - Push? An active Absorb power to reflect? Make using Lightning drain more DP but at the cost of rising Mishap?

Option 3 gets me thinking how we can use a secondary bind (perhaps quick parry button) to change the normal force power effects into AoE versions of their respective powers - doable only at lvl 3. Push/Pull are obvious - what about AoE Choke, where multiple people undergo Choke lvl 2 (rising into the air while choking), with the vanilla Choke 3 being able to move/Choke multiple people? And then Stasis, Scream, etc.

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