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LOL, I think Darth's having some fun tying in some physics engine or other. IIRC he said he's tried a few but one might be working - don't really remember what he said yesterday.

Originally Posted by Kahn D'halaine
Some of my ideas:

Force Push, Pull and Grip:
Changed into Force Telekinesis and Force Choke.
Telekinesis controls level of both push and pull, thus these won't be in the leveling menu.
Instead you change the distance between you and lifted object by pressing push/pull buttons - the more rapid change, the bigger momentum of the affected object...
When using telekinesis you shouldn't be nerfed in speed as with the current Grip, but when applying Choke, then you should.
Choke causes damage to your opponent and makes him/her immobile for a moment (like Luke did to the Gamorreans in ROTJ), but doesn't lift them.

Next step would be liftable items, and eventually liftable map objects. Imagine lifting up a bunch of crates and throwing them to a squad of stormtroopers...
Integrating Push/Pull into TK is actually a really, really elegant idea. Maybe this can be how TK Push/Pull can work:

Single button to activate TK. Lasts a certain duration dependent on level. Tap TK button again to cancel. However, if you hold down TK button, you can go up to 3 levels of push/pull. When you let go of the TK button, your target will be flung in the direction you are moving. The Push/Pull buttons in TK mode can adjust the distance of the object to you. Aided with the mouse, you can push-fling someone, if Darth gets ragdoll physics working. Push Pull buttons can work as their chargeable selves without having to activate TK, just for those quick and dirty push/pulls in the middle of a chaotic fight.

Quick parry button + lvl 3 TK = lift multiple objects to Push/Pull.

Hmm...I see where you're going with the whole Choke w/ no lift thing, but I don't know if it'd be too much of a hassle to activate TK at the same time. Technically if you've targeted someone with TK they're already vulnerable to Force, so I guess that could work.

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