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"When the truth hits, it hits like herd of spooked Ronto" Tepe noted before shaking his head.
"No good will come from your actions" the man continued before continuing past her and through the doorway. Swiftly he followed Andra and eventually sat back at the table only moments afterwards. As he had entered the common room, his senses were rather bewildered and he knew exactly who he sensed in the room. Strider had arrived. In any case, Strider and his cocky apprentice could wait.

As the Sith Lord sat down he took a deep breath in and as he let it our a low rumble came from deep within his throat. He felt it all. From the longing between Reibe and Strider to the joy in Andra that she had proved herself even as capable as she had.

"You" Darth Tepe started, addressing the group sitting at the table one Jena had joined them.
"You are all young, arrogant, brash ..." he told them before grinning slightly and continuing;
"ignorant of the Galaxy. Ignorant of yourselves. Ignorant of your potentials. All of you have been given powers that would otherwise be accomplished only by the Force. Yet you all seek nothing more but to serve" he said before finally raising an eyebrow.


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