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"She's a bit more than that," Jena pointed out with a grin. The rest of the Team nodded their agreement, except Andra. Jena glanced over and explained, "Danielle Bayers is now known as Charna... and she's his wife."

Dannar looked up at Tepe. "Suppose you've made your point, though," he said. "She certainly has made a name for herself since leaving the Jedi."

"As I recall hearing not that long ago," Ruya cut in, "she's still just as compassionate, dedicated, and protective now as she was in her days as a Jedi. So not that much has changed for her, has it?"

"Social status, galactic reputation, loved by many, hated by few..." Kos chuckled and added jokingly, "Nah, she's pretty much the same."

"The offer is intriguing," Andra said slowly.

"Andra, you have missed a great deal of history," Jena warned. "Perhaps we'd better let you get educated before you return to leadership of the team."

Andra stared at Jena for a moment, looking almost astonished that her old friend would suggest something like that. Finally, she nodded shortly. "Have you any suggestions as to which one of you would be suitable for temporary leadership? It has just occurred to me that I do not know any of you as well as you know me."

"Dannar," Jena answered immediately.

"Yeah, Dannar," Ruya agreed. Grayson nodded his approval as well and Kos grinned.

"Dannar from me as well," he said.

Dannar shrugged. "I'd just as soon have picked Kos..."

"Well it'd have been a little cheesy to vote for yourself, wouldn't it?" Jena teased.

"So what's the vote, captain?" Andra asked, staring hard at Dannar. The stare was not lost on Dannar... and neither were the borderline jealous thoughts milling about on the surface of Andra's mind. He frowned.

"Andra, I'm not replacing you," he was quick to inform her. "You'll be up to date relatively quickly." He turned to Tepe. "We'll wait on our decision until Andra is capable of making it herself."

Though still seeming a little uneasy, Andra seemed to settle down at this.

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