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Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Wiki up the Potentium heresy. I'm reluctant to bring up the NJO stuff because the writers have left a very bad taste in my mouth on how they handle the NJO characters, but there's a reason why Luke brought back the orthodox Dark/Light distinctions of the Force and got rid of the Potentium philosophy. Caedus being a big reason. Palpatine also used this idea to lure Anakin in Ep III. Besides, you're talking about the exception and not the norm. We want to simulate the norm in gameplay, not the exception - one reason why Sever Force would be a crap power in a game, as an example. Or multiple people who're as uber as to be in-game equivalents of Legacy era Luke Skywalker (even someone with 500 skill points to use won't even come close to a Luke).
hmm interesting. So Light and Dark isn't inherently good or evil, depends on the individual. Everybody has their own Light and Dark potential. Only those that have more Dark side potential are the ones that use their dark side for evil purposes. Using the Dark side of the force isn't evil, if the intention isn't evil. So its possible to use the Dark side of the force for good intentions. Interesting. I think the Potentium philosophy makes the most sense, in that the force isn't split into good and evil. But people are. Light side can be used for evil intentions just like the dark side. I have been enlightened, thank you Master Tanqexe. I will meditate on this.

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