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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I think The Jedi themselves played a bigger role in Anakins demise than they thought, Palpatine simply opened doors and lent an ear, Obi-wans failure to calm Anakins emotional relationship with the force, Mace's distrust and vilification of Skywalker and of course Yoda's failure to accept the Sith's Return and the clouding of the Force with the Dark side. Anakin was always treated differently to his piers, Held in high esteem, yet distanced, given responsibility, yet overruled and belittled. He spent 13 or so years with the Jedi 24/7, yet he felt he didn't know them enough to believe there intentions over Palpatine (A politician at that)
A few things to consider:

1) Palpy definitely play a role, he is doing subtle guide to Ani's up bringing. And, its known that Ani is indeed in contact with Palpy from time to time.

2) The whole wattime is Palpy's doing, and one of his objective is to corrupt jedis, Ani is not the only one, but he is a prime target.

3) Obi Wan may not be the best master for Ani. He got the heart no doubt, but he is too green. He would work much better as a big buddy (that he is) than Ani's master. I always think that people like Tholme would do a much better job.

4) Well, Obi Wan is, more or less, the type of jedi that suck up to the council's command. Ani is not the type that is suitable for such events. Really, he would be better off following a master (or group) that is less tied to the increasingly bloated up structure and rules of the Jedi Council. There are quite some examples of jedis that would wander their own way following the will of the force without tangled by jedi council politics (QuiGon, Zao, etc).

I would say that yes Palpy is THE reason for Ani to go sith. But the jedi council is not doing a good job training up Ani either. Thing is, Ani is given high expactations and low rewards for his exceptional ability. In fact, he is in deed getting held back sometimes, fearing that he would be advancing too fast, while had the same task been performed by a normal jedi he would have gone a long way.

Having said that, yes Ani is a jerk, that is no denying. Ani would still be a jerk even without Palpy. But there is a difference between a Sith and a Jerk.
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