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Ahh, the great TSLPatcher. Whenever I try to spell you, I wanna put an R before the P (TSLRPatcher; did u c wut i did thar?). That just explains how epic this thing is. [/buttkissing]

Now, I debated whether to post it here or in KTool's forum, but since my problem comes from this program, I decided to post it here

With this file, a modified(?) nwscript was included and whenever I try to open it with KTool's Text Editor, an error shows up. It tells me to continue or quit. If I click continue, a completely folded up KTool pops up (nothing open, just the option to open the K1 or TSL tree). I don't know if its a problem with THAT nwscript, or KTool.

I also have another problem, which I think might be solved quick:
When I open the ChangeEdit.exe program, I was looking at a tut on KOTORFiles. It showed that program. I opened it, and it looked nothing like it.
Heres the pic:
Too Big for here
But When I open it, it just shows the word Changes (Without the ini) and when I click on the plus sign, nothing emerges. Strange, right?
Now, when I open the File tab, and click on open, it wants me to find a changes.ini file. I don't know where to find one of those...

EDIT: I clicked on New, and saved somewhere, and I've fixed my bottom problem....
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