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Sitting in the damp cave, Cecilia, Michael and Milo all sat in a circle. Water droplets were falling from the stelagtites(stelagmites?). Cecilia sat in the middle of the two boys in silence. Michael broke the silence "This is sure looking to be fun..."
"Yeah." She said, and sighed.She looked to Mike, then to Milo..."This is awkward."
"Word." Milo said, making them both giggle... "I hope the whole camp expierence doesn't wind up this crappy."
Emerging from the area, the three came across the domeish building. Looking at the back of the list she was holding, Lixa found a map. "Hey." she said, motioning Ewan and Annabelle closer, "I think we're right here. The Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber."
"Sounds scary." Annabelle said, "Ewan can go first."
Sitting in the lodge in silence and aloneness, Hunter and Ziggy just left their crap behind and went to look for other forms of life.
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