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Ziggy and Hunter walked in silence. Ziggy then made an attempt at talking.
"So. You're german?" she asked awkwardly.
"Ja," Hunter replied, to Ziggy's confusion. He sighed and shock his head.

"I can speak english, if that'd be easier for you," he said. Ziggy nodded.
"Oh," she said. "I'm Ziggy, by the way."
"Hunter," he said.
"That's not a very German name,' she said.
"Ah, well Ziggy's not a very English name, now is it." he replied,half annoyed, half amused.
"Touché" she muttered.

They walked in silence, until hearing another kid yell. They then went to the source, some caves.
"Should we go in there?" Hunter asked, gulping.
"Sure, why not," Ziggy answered, grabbing Hunter by the arm and pulling him in after her.

They came upon a fewother kids, though two appeared to be arguing.
"Um," Ziggy asked, loudly. "Are we disturbing anything?"
Hunter raised an eyebrow at the other campers.

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