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Cripes...we really need our own forums where we can talk about stuff not relevant to OJP.

Originally Posted by Maxstate View Post

Screw you, Kreia and Revan were damn awesome.



Yes they are. Except for the thought of Kreia in lingerie.

Loves you too Maxy <3

Originally Posted by Unbeholden
Darth Traya is evidence that contradicts what you said. Not to mention there where other Potentium members that never became sith,
Darth Traya was slowly corrupted by the Potentium philosophy and shunned by the Order. Note that in the end of the game she was revealed to be a Sith, used highly questionable manipulations of other characters throughout the entire story, and furthermore wanted to destroy the Force, an idea that is inherently very tainted with the influence of the Dark side. The lure of DS is very subversive, and some people don't even realize that they've fallen until they're in deep - like Jacen from NJO and Atris from KotOR 2.

The Light/Dark distinction was taught for thousands of years during the Old Republic era because of the dangers of skirting the Dark Side - with good reason. It makes you much, much more vulnerable to corruption. Luke was almost corrupted during Dark Empire in the mistaken belief that he could defeat the Dark side from within without being corrupted, until Leia saved him. Besides, the distinction of abstract, almost entity-like Light/Dark sides of the Force has the George Lucas Stamp of Approval. You can't argue with that, really. Plus, in your efforts to convey the information from Wookieepedia, you neglected the very crucial statement here:

Originally Posted by Potentium Entry from Wookieepedia
The Power of the Jedi Sourcebook states that the Potentium is a corrupt, misguided philosophy, and is the first canonical source to outright state this.
Official word against yours.

Anyway, the point that you are completely missing, which is why this is in any way at all relevant to OJP, is that it is very, very rare that someone can master both Light AND Dark side powers without some kind of price.

Light side Force users channel the Force by meditation, harmony, and positive emotions - for the purpose of defense, never to attack/kill - Yoda's words in Episode V.

Dark side Force users channel the Force as a concentrated, focused release of extreme emotion (usually negative) as the catalyst.

These are completely different methodologies of wielding the Force. Mastery of one while attempting mastery of another comes at some cost, something that's well reflected in how Light/Dark Force powers were given bonuses and penalties depending on your alignment in KotOR.

Think about it - you're a Jedi and asked to tap into your Rage (a temptation of the Dark Side), and then immediately you have to heal yourself (let's consider that a Light Side power). So one moment you're reeling from allowing yourself to tap into all these negative emotions, and then the next moment you're supposed to be all Zen-like? Or is it easier to imagine that you're already in a peaceful meditative state to tap into Light Force powers, such that you can readily call upon other Light Force powers without extra strain? That is what we should simulate with the Light/Dark Force power dichotomy. Tapping into both sides must come at some cost.

If you want to discuss gameplay mechanics or talk about Star Wars canon, please don't plagiarize Wookieepedia and pass it off as if you wrote all that. We've talked about this before, and I really hope you ween off the bad habit before it gets you in some kind of academic trouble.

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