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Reactor, basically, what you are saying is, you want to play quake with a saber.
I have no idea why you would assume that, so I won't respond until I hear an explanation.

like Kwup said, in mots, when it was at its peak, we had 100+ people, the community was tight, anybody who was anybody knew who each other was, if you were enemies or friends, whatever.
What is it about the concept of alternative communities other than the Zone that you don't understand? You can have a "tight" community, and you may be able to even have one on the Zone, but if not, there are MANY MANY MANY alternatives. I happen to be in a "tight" community of JK players in #JediKnight on ETG. The difference is, now we will be able to CHOOSE our community, instead of being forced onto the Zone, because that's where almost everyone plays.

and the 32 player game bs goes back to the "quake with a saber" deal, I'm sorry but if I wanna be fighting against 31 people at once maybe I'll think about playing quake 3 or UT. but both them games SUCK ass.
Saying that something sucks is a matter of opinion. Considering that the UT and Q3 communities are much larger than the JK/MotS community, I would say that the majority of people disagree with you. You don't HAVE to play with 32+ people, it all depends on the servers settings. The server COULD set it to 4 or whatever else he/she wanted to do. Why do you feel that people should be forced to play like you play? Freedom is what the majority of people want with games and gaming communities, it's just a fact.

I fail to see the importance of the Zone argument. There are plenty of suitable alternatives, 99% of which are better. The Zone is very limited and I wouldn't be caught dead there if there wasn't such a huge JK community there.

/me thinks you need to play NiCo at Tribes before you decide he isn't the premier gamer in the room. Wilhuf is a netstalker, thats not a personal attack, just the truth from a friend of mine whom he made very uncomfortable on the zone.
How about we stay on the topic and not change the subject when your side is losing the argument?

And you ppl say the Zone is bad?...just look at your posts. Id say you have no room to talk.
Actually Caradoc, the ones who are posting flames ARE the ones from the Zone. Now do you see what we've been talking about?

Must be nobodys if you guys dont know who DIK is,you dont mess with the DIK,so if i were you guys i shut it before something very bad happens.
[SARCASM]I'm trembling. I don't think I can live now that I know there are skilled MotS players that are after us. I'm thinking about getting into the Witness Protection Program.[/SARCASM]

This topic is beginning to bore me, especially because of the weak arguments being presented by the opposing side. If the opposing arguments don't begin to show some sign of logic, I will stop bothering with this thread.
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