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pst, nobody asked you to reply or really cares whether or not you reply. the point of this thread was to find out out if anyone knew whether or not JK2 would be hosted by zone.

32players, "servers", using irc as the community, quake3 engine....... mixed with JK you get Quake with a Saber.

you talk as if you're somebody of great importance, why don't you quit the condascending bull**** and talk straight like everybody else has been doing.

the reason I prefered mots/jk over UT/Quake/whatever, was because of the community, zone was all I ever knew for JK/mots, didn't really know there was alternatives, and really, I don't WANT to know about them, I LIKE the idea of the zone being the MAIN community. all this was a response to the replies saying "zone sucks" or whatever.

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