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Ok, before I say anything... I expect to not be flamed by some homo just for disagreeing with him.

Anyway... I agree with Rage as far as the community aspect of it is concerned. It wasnt necisarily the fact of not being able to play with a bunch of people at one time. Or the tightness of the community just because it was small. Its the fact of the way the community operates compared to a larger scale game community (e.g. UT or Q3). As stated before... its the chatting, finding an opponant, clanning, etc. etc. that are not the same in bigger scale games. You just join a 'good ping' server, start playing. Win-Lose... it doesnt matter. Chatting in game rarely ever passes "gg" after its over. Its almost hard to explain. The flare of the community... clans, clansites... people you see everyday. It just doesnt operate the same. And thats what us 'zoners' are arguing against Q3 type of games.

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