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32players, "servers", using irc as the community, quake3 engine....... mixed with JK you get Quake with a Saber.
Does this apply for all games that aren't playable over the Zone? If every game that allows 32 players is Quake-like we are all in for an unlimited amount of Quake-like games. 32+ players is the way things are going, you either live with it, or play JK/MotS for the rest of your life. I tend to see that allowing people the freedom to choose how many people can come into their servers, would be the logical way. Obviously modern-day game developers and thousands of gamers do as well. If you want to play with 8 players, join a server that only allows 8 people. What is so difficult about that? If you want to play on the Zone, play on the Zone. I still fail to see what the big issue it. I don't see anyone saying that JK2 won't be playable over the Zone, the majority of people are just stating their dislike about the Zone, and that they wouldn't play there. In new games, places like Mplayer and the Zone are considered newbie hangouts because of the limitations to the software, over-bearing sysops, the fact that its owned by Microsoft and because the software is so newbie-friendly, thus newbies go there for ease of use.

the reason I prefered mots/jk over UT/Quake/whatever, was because of the community, zone was all I ever knew for JK/mots, didn't really know there was alternatives, and really, I don't WANT to know about them, I LIKE the idea of the zone being the MAIN community. all this was a response to the replies saying "zone sucks" or whatever.
You've said this all 100 times already. I think that we all get your point, but we disagree. Alot of us dislike the Zone and it's community. Just because YOU want the zone to be the primary place to play JK2, doesn't mean that EVERYONE does. Think of the community and not just yourself. You will probably get your Zone, but no, it won't be like it was with JK/MotS, because this isn't going to be JK/MotS. Change can sometimes be good, and I believe that this is one time when it is indeed good.

reactor, i wasnt aware i was arguing with you, i was simply responding to an earlier message.
I'm not arguing with you, I'm just politely asking you and everyone else to stick with the subject, and to refrain from attacking people. This thread/forum isn't the place to discuss whether or not there is a stalker amongst us. Those types of things should be taken care of in private. When I used the word "argument" in response to your quote, I meant to say "discussion." My apologies for the misunderstanding.

please read the forum posts before responding to individual posts ok.
I've read every post on this thread and most of the posts in every other somewhat interesting threads.

Chatting in game rarely ever passes "gg" after its over. Its almost hard to explain. The flare of the community... clans, clansites... people you see everyday. It just doesnt operate the same. And thats what us 'zoners' are arguing against Q3 type of games.
I totally understand the point that you folks are making, but I for one disagree. There are communites inside of communities in most games. The way that you see the community may not be the way that everyone else does. I happen to think that the Quake communities are pretty tight in their own respect. Especially amongst the top players. You're right though, it doesn't operate the same. The thing is, alot of us think that it operates better. I like the idea of dedicated servers and the idea of not having to join little game/chat-rooms to get a game going. I'm more for playing than chatting. I don't have much time to chat because of my busy lifestyle, but when I do, I prefer to do it in #JediKnight with my tight community of friends. Everyone has their own idea of the community that they would like to see, but having the zone as a primary JK2 community, is just a step back in time. Games should progress, not vice versa.
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