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The future JKO community will be just as tight as with JK/MotS. It'll be even better. Zone trash will be left behind.

The Zone might not be the automatic first choice of location for the JKO community. JKO will probably have some sort of chat lobby, so we'll still have a place for community (e.g., Tribes IRC).

Even if JKO doesn't ship with a chat lobby, we'll still be able to use other chat clients, such as mIRC. We'll able to create our own chat channels, and host and administer our own game servers.

Some channels will host skilled players who have something interesting and fun to say about the game. Some channels won't.

Even the trolls can create their own channels: they'll still be able to wallow in their own pits, coughing up sophmoric lies (as rage has done here) for the usual simpleminded self-entertainment. And, just like on the Zone, the trolls can flood their channels like an overloaded sewer main.

The upside is, we won't have to smell it.


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