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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del View Post
There are things we all take for granted. I've always took Force choke (or Force Kill, for the close) as one of those things.

"What, Vader's trademark? For sure it's Darkside!"

So naive. Recently re-watching RotJ, I noticed something that I've never bothered with before. Luke actually chokes the Gamorreans guarding Jabba's palace at the entrance, killing or stunning them.

How many games do classify Kill as a DS powers? And still Luke uses it. Last I checked, only Yoda taught him, I wouldn't think he would teach a dark power to him.
I think classifying force powers to a particular side is faulty. Sure, some of them are straight out evil, but I think they all have been used both sides. Force choke, manipulation, and mind tricks are three examples.

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