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"Uh no." Cecilia said. "It's a long story, but this camp may or may not be under some sort of psychic invasion."
"Oh." Ziggy said, "I thought I was inturrupting an intimate moment or something between you two." She pointed to Cecilia and Michael, who were sitting awfully close to one another. Both blushing, Cecilia scooted away just a little.
"Oh no..." Michael insisted, "It's purly platonic"
"Yep." They both nodded. Milo just scowled, and turned to Hunter and Ziggy.
"There's three more kids here, they just went to look see what exactly was going down."
"You owe me, you two!" Said Ewan, slowly walking up the ramp.
"Incest is illegal in this state, brother dear." Annabelle said sarcasticly with a smirk, "No matter how much you wish."
Slowly he turned, "You wish, sister." Reaching the highest point of the GPC, he poked around and looked for a way to open the chamber, there seemed to not be one.
"Hmm." Lixa thought. "Try punching it." Ewan unleashed his psychic fist and punched the door, which automaticly opened. Peering inside at the red padded chamber, there was a hatch open leading down somewhere. "Oh god, I am not going in there first."
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