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"As I said earlier." Cecilia spoke, "Psychic invasion, not cool. Need to hide."
"So why are the other people out there while you're sitting in here?" Hunter questioned.
"Because," Michael explained, "They wanted to go more...and I didn't want to go at all."
"Same." Milo said, Cecilia nodding.
"Oh..." Ziggy said, "So when can we leave?"
"Uh..we can go now I guess, go help the others find stuff." Milo suggested
"Good plan." Everyone nodded, and they left through the exit.
"This is nuts." Lixa said, climbing down the ladder of the chute. "I'm gonna die.
"No you're not." Ewan said, "Besides, if we all die, you'll have me next to you, what a way to go out."
Annabelle rolled her eyes, "Just go down there. It's not like some freak with creepy goggles is performing crazy brain experiments on children."
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