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"Well... not really. He never exactly got into trouble most of the time, but there was something... resistant about him..."

"Resistant? How so?"

The Principal rubbed his neck. "Well... he's behaviour towards his teacher have been a bit shady ever since he came. And recently he's been involved in a fight..."

Mason sighed. "Hmmm, okay... I'd like to speak to people who know Kyle. Who are his friends?"

The principal eyed on corner of the room, as if thinking. Then he shrugged with a half-amused face. "I doubt that he had any... though I do remember this one girl came in and stood up to the bully's hassling Kyle... Donna James, her name is..."

"She'd be in class now, would she? I'd like to speak with her, can you arrange a meeting during recess?"

"Certainly." the Principal replied. "I'll send a note to her teacher right away..."
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