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In the distant background of his mad Ryas thought he heard the bell ring. His mind slowly came from his art work to hear that the bell was actually ringing. He smiled slightly and put down his charcoal pencil. Putting the box of his art supplies back into his bag, he noticed out of the corner of his eye someone else in the room. He grinned slightly and payed the person no mind just yet.

Turning his attention back towards the drawing he kissed the tips of his fingers and pressed it against the sketch work saying "Until later mom, stay safe".

He turned around to fully see the person who was watching him. He gave the girl a smile, bent down and picked up the white cloth that had fallen on the ground. Gently he placed it back over the sketch work to hide it from the world once again. Gently he glided his finger tips down the soft white cloth, then picked up his back and turned back towards the girl and smiled at her again.

"If we don't hurry we'll miss another class" he said to her as he laughed and walked towards her.

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