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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Nothing. But there is alot more to lightsaber combat than just swinging it around like a stick. Thats pretty much what Greivous did, but he had four sabers so he could get away with it and still be dangerous. Droids just lack the finesse, and they cant really dodge or do any advanced acrobatics. Also jedi all need the force, and HK being a droid does not have it. I suppose he could be trained to use a lightsaber in theory...but I just don't see it.
Why do jedi need the force to hold a lightsaber? I'm sure that HK could hold one and slash at people. Actually, he should be able to use normal melee weapons too. I don't know why droids aren't allowed to have melee weapons either.

So if anyone, I would have HK as a lightsaber weilder, to make him useful.
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