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Originally Posted by Robondacob View Post
Why do jedi need the force to hold a lightsaber? I'm sure that HK could hold one and slash at people. Actually, he should be able to use normal melee weapons too. I don't know why droids aren't allowed to have melee weapons either.

So if anyone, I would have HK as a lightsaber weilder, to make him useful.
But the question is who would you train to be a jedi?, not who would you give a lightsaber.

When seeing Greivous for the first time whith his four lightsabers I was like oooh he's gonna be tough to beat! But Obi-Wan beat him in like 5 minutes, just taking out one saber after another. Finesse ultimatly beat strength and number of weapons.

That and as previously stated HK would not have force powers. Although he could be equipped with a shocker and an anti-gravity generator or something...but I would say you have to have the force to be classified as a jedi or sith.

@jonathan7: Yeah big Z would be quite a force to be reckoned with. I could see him being a jedi or a sith. I have a make Zalbaar a jedi mod and I have to agree that a wookie jedi = awesomeness.

Viva La Resistance!
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