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"It's Ryas" he said to her still dragging her along. He could see the office. He knew the routine so well, that a smile started to grow on his face. He could tell that the girl he was with was still panicking, but she had nothing to worry about he could talk his way out of anything.

One thing his aunt always told him, is that he got his dad's charming personality. Thinking of that made him laugh a little, yea.. bet he got into loads of trouble too, he thought to himself.

Ryas stopped next to the office door and turned towards the girl "Since you got my name, whats yours? only fair after all" he said with a smirk on his face. He wanted to calm her down before they entered the office. Though he thought it be funny if she passed out from the stress she was putting herself under, however he wasn't much in the mood to carry some one to the nurses office.

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