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Ryas clapped his hands together and quickly turned around "Well thats enough stalling, lets get the show on the road." he said with a slight chuckle.

As he entered the office he saw the office clerk, with the unpleasant look upon her face when ever he walked into the office to get a late pass. She knew him well enough by now that anything he told her would be a lie, even if sometimes he told the truth.

He casually walked over to her and leaned his elbows against the tall desk. He tilted his head to the left and grinned towards the woman.

"Ryas, whats your excuse this time."

Ryas laughed a little "Well first of, I over slept, bad habit i know. So when I got here, the bell rang for first class, so figuring there'd be no point at getting yelled at for being tardy for the first class I skipped."

The woman stood up and walked over to another desk and picked up a piece of paper and started writing on it "You realize if you keep this up, you'll be suspended"

Ryas shifted a little, knowing that a suspension would lead to being ground then leading to absolutely no social life, which was something he loved having. Leaning forward a little more he said "Now you wouldn't let that happen now would you, Lynn? I mean who else gives you this much entertainment so early in the day?"

"I could name a few" she said coldly "what about her? whats her reason for being here."

Ryas glanced over his shoulder towards Donna and winked at her "Her, well she noticed I wasn't going to class. So she tailed me. Then she dragged me here, threw great resistance on my part, but in the end she won."

Lynn looked at Ryas suspiciously then nodded her head, "Okay, you two are free to head to your second class. I will not contact your parents since you are present for school. But Ryas you will have to report to detention and get this slip signed."

She handed Ryas the slip, and he took. He turned around and started to leave the office.

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