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Ziggy caught one of the cougers on fire and it seemed to just, well, vanish. She shrugged and watched Hunter attempt at killing the couger. She giggled and caught it on fire for him.
"Need some help," she teased. Suddenly, the last couger pounced at her,though Hunter knocked her out of the way. He shot at it, and it seemed to die and, again, vanish. He looked back down at Ziggy, who, he was awkwardly on top of. His whole face turned red, and he got up. Ziggy's face was red as well, and they stood in awkward silence.
"Um, thanks," she finaly studdered.
"N-no p-problem," Hunter managed to get out.

They walked to the main lodge in silence. Ziggy's blush went away, but every time she looked at Hunter, he seemed to blush more. She giggled, causing him to blush more. They got inside and she grabbed her bags and put them on the table. She picked up her acoustic guitar gently and glanced at Hunter. He picked up his bags and she noticed a gig bag.

"You've got a guitar?" She asked, intrigued.
"Yeah, it's a Gibson Les Paul. Wanna see?" Hunter answered, opening the bag.

Ziggy's jaw dropped and she had a spark in her eye. She looked at the guitar; it was a slick black and grey. It made her squint at her crappy acoustic.
"Hunter, you sir, have good guitar taste," she said, nodding.

She noticed Milo walking toward them.
"Hey, guy. We haven't properly met yet. I'm Ziggy."
"I'm Milo," He said quietly.

Hunter walked out to the back of the porch on the main lodge, guitar in hand, cell in other. Ziggy walked out too, holding her guitar. She decided to easdrop on his phone conversation.

"Hallo Mama? Hunter Aufruf zu sagen, er ist im Lager. Ich getroffen habe bereits ein Mädchen. Kinda Spaß. Hallo zu sagen, Billa für mich. Ich liebe dich, bye." He spoke to the phone. A message, it seemed. Or at least to Ziggy. She shrugged and made herself noticeable.

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