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Angry Jekk'Jekk Tarr: FEEL MY HATRED

To the Programmer of Jekk'Jekk Tarr and QA Team:

I have completed all the missions. As Atton, I've massacred the Twin Suns. Then I get crept up on by Mira. She gasses me. I send her off into the lounge and she gets shocked by Squidbert. Then some old decrepit Jedi comes and hints that I need to follow him into the bar. I go outside the apartment, but none of the doors which previously allowed me into the alien bar work anymore. The doors outside of the Hutt's place right? Docks? Yeah, they don't work. Did you all test this? My quest log says I'm supposed to head there, but I'm knockin' and ain't nothing lettin' me in brothas.

Any clue? This game is a little buggier than the first KoToR, but I can't go anywhere ... does this game have no ending and just end there ... I mean I got a lightsaber but dang ... I thought I might get to put down a Dark Jedi ... but I guess I'm just stuck fighting spaghetti code and some broken script event ...

Any help would be appreciated ...

Edit: Slightly odd things, if I bump resolution down to 800x600 and turn off graphic effects she has no suit on when she goes in the lounge, this is Mira

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